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Don't pour boiling water in vacuum flask

2016-10-11 13:13:25 Read

This year, cold and dry in winter in Beijing, during the Spring Festival go out to drink bottled water cold stomach, then follow the foreign star, also bought himself a stainless steel fashion keep-warm glass water at any time.

With childhood with glass vacuum cup is easy to get cold water, so at first, it directly to pour just boiled water into the pot, think about 2 hours, can drink, the temperature has been, also gave a little hot mouth, then wondering now vacuum insulation technology superb, while trying to change practice: the water to boil, to 30 ℃ to 35 ℃ cold to warm, add vacuum cup to drink slowly, this is the most healthy way of drinking water.

I also did a test, inject 35 ℃ warm water in the cup, after eight hours, can still maintain around 30 ℃, usually work with hot coffee, health tea also didn't spoil the stale.The Internet search, it is said that this is the most popular Japanese white-collar women health way of life.